Terms of Use

General Terms of Use for the Web Application asphericon BeamTooling

The provider of the web application is asphericon GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "asphericon").

The use of the web application "asphericon BeamTooling" requires, that you agree to the following terms of use. Therefore, please read them carefully.

1. General information on use

With the help of the web application you can perform calculations to help you select the right product from asphericon's product range. The products offered by asphericon are intended exclusively for end consumers who use the goods or services in their independent professional or commercial capacity or in their official or official activities. The contents contained in the web application are limited to this use, unless there are legal exceptions. With the use you do not acquire any copyright or industrial property rights.

The web application and its functions may not be used in an abusive manner. Please use the web application only to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with our terms of use. In the event of a violation of applicable German law or our terms of use, asphericon reserves the right to exclude you from using the web application.

Scope of application

These terms of use apply to the retrieval of information and calculations within the web application "asphericon BeamTooling". They apply to the first and any future use without renewed confirmation. The conditions are always available and can be printed out at any time.

The web application offered by asphericon may only be used based on these conditions. These general terms of use may be supplemented, modified or replaced by further terms in individual cases. By accessing and using the web application, you acknowledge the terms of use and all provisions in their respective versions contained or referred to therein as well as all additional provisions set out on the web application as legally binding. If you do NOT accept these terms in their entirety, you will NOT be able to access or use this web application.

Contractual object

These terms of use apply to all free services for users currently and in the future offered by asphericon with the offer "asphericon BeamTooling". Other offers from asphericon are not subject to these terms of use. If special conditions for individual uses deviate from the following terms of use or supplement them, the web application will expressly point this out at the appropriate point and the user's consent will be obtained. The special terms of use shall then also apply in the respective individual case.

Amendment of the provisions

These terms of use may be changed by asphericon at any time. Provisions so amended shall take effect immediately from the date of their publication. If you continue to use the web application after the publication of such changes, this shall be equivalent to your consent to the changes. Please make yourself familiar with the applicable regulations on a regular basis.

asphericon reserves the right to make interruptions, changes or updates to the web application or the contents of the web application at any time and without prior notice. In addition, asphericon reserves the right to restrict, refuse or terminate access to the web application or parts thereof for persons at any time and with immediate effect, without having to justify the reasons.

2. User data

When using the web application, your surfing behavior can be statistically evaluated. This is done primarily with cookies and so-called analysis programs. The analysis of your surfing behavior is usually anonymous; the surfing behavior cannot be traced back to you. You may object to this analysis or prevent it by not using certain tools. Detailed information on this can be found in our data protection declaration data protection declaration.

You can contradict this analysis. We will also inform you about the possibilities of objection in our data protection declaration.

3. Liability

asphericon makes no warranties as to the availability, reliability, functionality or suitability of the App for your purposes.

Subject to mandatory statutory provisions, asphericon accepts no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of "asphericon BeamTooling" or in connection therewith. In the event of breaches of these Terms of Use as well as breaches of rights and corresponding claims by third parties, the user expressly releases asphericon from all liability and shall be fully liable to asphericon for damages.

Other liability, viruses

Although asphericon makes every effort to keep the web application free of viruses, we cannot guarantee that it is virus-free. Before downloading information, software and documentation, the user shall ensure appropriate security measures and virus scanners for his own protection and to prevent viruses on the application.

A change in the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the user is not associated with the above provisions.

5. Data protection

For more information on this topic, click here.

6. Other

We are constantly working on optimizing our services. Therefore, asphericon reserves the right to add or remove functions and features and possibly introduce new limitations to the services. You can stop using the app at any time. asphericon reserves the right to change and adapt the terms of use. You will be informed of this in an appropriate manner.